Lazer Runner Compatible 6800 mAh 4 Cell Li-Ion Battery Pack

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Ultra High capacity replacement for your original Lazer Runner battery.

Lithium Ion chemistry, 4 cells.

7.4 Volts, 3400 mAh per cell - 6800 mAh total -> higher capacity and 60% longer run time than original LR batteries
For newer vests (1/4" charger plug)
Product color may vary.

Assembled in USA from foreign and domestic components.

General lithium ion Lazer Runner battery guide.


Original batteries have 4400 mAh capacity providing about 12 to 14 hours of continious use.

Life Expectancy

Lithium ion batteries will start loosing capacity after 300 charge/discharge cycles - under a year of daily use.

XpressTek Alternatives to Lazer Runner Batteries

At this time XpressTek provides three types of the Lazer Runner replacement batteries:

  1. 4 cell 5200 mAh high capacity replacement - 14 - 16 hours of continuous use.
  2. 4 cell 5600 mAh very high capacity replacement - 16 - 18 hours of continuous use.
  3. 4 cell 6800 mAh super high capacity replacement - 20 - 24 hours of continuous use

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