Protection Circuit Module (PCB) for 14.8V Li-Ion Battery Pack 4A Working 10A Cut Off

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14.8v 4S Protection Circuit Module (PCB)

For Lithium Ion Battery Packs

Protection Circuit Module Specifications  For 14.8V Li-ion/Li-Po Battery  Pack
Over-charge protection voltage 4.35 ± 0.025V
Over-discharge protection voltage 2.4 ± 0.8V
Over-current protection 4A~10A±2A
Maximal continuous Discharging current 4A
Maximal Current consumption 50.0uA Max
Short circuit protection Automatic Recovery
Protection  circuitry  resistance <60mΩ
Dimension 50mm x 16mm x 0.8mm
Weight 0.1oz (3.0g)


  • You must be professional in Lithium battery pack to buy the protection circuit board. Misusing may cause battery damage or explode. We are not responsible for any damage caused by user.
  • The board has to be "unlocked" by connecting to a battery charger after assembly in a battery pack


Please contact us if you need a custom made battery pack that is not listed in stock.